Unspoken Words

Creating a visual platform to explore the intangible nature of communication.

An immersive platform to accompany the audio-visual experience for the remarkable new album by our friend and collaborator, Max Cooper.


Launched to coincide with the release of the new album, the website has been designed to offer the opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the music, words, and accompanying visual works produced by creatives in collaboration with Max.

'Unspoken Words' exemplifies Max’s ability to delve into and harness the innate power of music to realise and communicate our innermost emotions.


“The brain is the most complex machine we know of in the universe - and we all have one. Trying to rationalise our hypocrisies and ancient animalistic drives, swimming amongst remnants of childhood experiences and years of conflicting institutionalised messaging, under the constant barrage of unachievable human perfection from social media.

It’s a challenging place for most of us, I think. ‘Unspoken Words’ was made as my necessary reaction to our shared condition, as a place of solace for me, and hopefully for you too.”

As with his other projects, Max presents the album in a series of chapters, featuring commissioned works by a diverse group of visual artists. To best experience the music and visual works, we designed an immersive platform to encourage listeners to sit back, listen to, watch, and read the stories behind the tracks.

Our design for the site utilises a variable font called Antarctica by New Glyph foundry. Geometric in design, the font is a simple, minimalist Grotesque that can be used in both expressive and understated ways.

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