At This Time, festive joys appear,
The Wild beckons, with whispers near.
Wick and Wax, guiding stars at night,
Phases shift beneath the wintry light.

One More Morning, a gentle onward glide,
Strangers On A Train, join by your side.
Returning, a Whirl of familiar scenes,
Landscapes and memories fall in between.

A journey to Teleport us to hearth and home,
From the midst of Ashes, shared tales are sewn.
Grazing Light lands on Vast snow-capped fields,
Promising More than mere memory yields.

Days Without End, where comfort is found,
Immunity felt, on hallowed ground.
Paths of journeys traced in Moonless skies,
Across The Great White Open, wisdom lies.

Finally, a glimpse, the Whispering House looms,
An Ending, A Beginning,
We’re home soon.

No Place Like Home

Further and Further from where you Belong.
The Twelve days of Christmas draw near.

Souls Awaken while Midnight approaches.
Snow falls All Over, Cold Winter is here.
Settled Under The Moon, a warm Fireplace awaits.
Past Feelings are thought and found.

Holy artefacts abound, as is Your Love to share.
Warmth will Enfold us, as Silence descends.

Greeting us here is A Place of calm.
We have Come Back Home to pause.
Within this Quiet Home, a place for repose.
A happy Eternity, while familiarity endures.

A shared time for Recovery is here.
Our annual Dreamland awaits.

Merry Christmas

Festive Fireside

This December, Think About What You Love.
Old and new, Ash & Snow.
Light a Candle, life is Paused.

Angels above, sharing Solitary Refinement.
Embrace those closest, do so All The Time.
A warming Fire, its fleeting Wings.
Safe inside, Shelter found.

For Now I Am Winter, though Every Weather
reminds, cherish the Time We Have.

As the First Snow falls,
In Everything Was Given.
Together, we will Sit Around The Fire again.

Merry Christmas.